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3 Reasons to Get Tub to Shower Conversion in Your Home

If you live in Aurora, CO, and want to transition to a minimalistic lifestyle, then start off by making changes to your bathroom, such as hiring a professional to carry out tub to shower conversion! For this, you will need a remodeling contract for bathroom repairs that we, at Gen’s Remodeling LLC, can help you out with!


A bathtub takes up a lot of ground space in your bathroom. With simple tub to shower conversion, you can enjoy a lot more floor space! This will make your bathroom look visually larger than it is, giving you more room to experience a relaxing shower.

If you’re still not fully convinced, then take a look at the top 3 reasons why you should consider remodeling contract for tub to shower conversion:

More Space

No one likes bathing in a concave or suffocated bathroom. If your bathroom isn’t roomy and has a bathtub, you should consider having the tub replaced with a shower for a roomier bathroom!

Install Showers

With your old bathtub now gone, you can install any shower and shower accessories that you like to enhance your showering experience. In this way, you’ll be able to release all your stress with a relaxing shower and attain your peace of mind.

Save Water

Bathing every other day can lead to a huge amount of water consumption. In present times, water is a luxury—not just a necessity. This is why, it is important to use it consciously and conservatively and tub to shower conversion will help you do that!


A sleek and shiny shower set in comparison to an old and rusty bathtub will obviously look better. So if you want to modernize your home interiors in Aurora, CO, get in touch with Gen’s Remodeling and make these changes today!

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