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Three Ways for Energy-efficient Home Remodeling

The drastic change in global climate has made the weather unpredictable and this has resulted in causing an immense burden on the heating and cooling system of the homeowners. Excessive use HVAC units ultimately reflect on your energy consumption and higher energy bills aren’t something any homeowner looks forward to. Instead of paying higher energy bills every month, you can make your home more energy efficient by simple remodeling. This can make your home better insulated and can reduce your dependence on the heating and air conditioning units. Here are some simple ways of power home remodeling in Aurora, CO.

Multi-paned Energy Efficient Windows

Windows are versatile in nature and have a lot more to do merely offering your view. The traditional and old windows are usually single paned and don’t do much in blocking the air from passing through. This ultimately results in poor insulation and more burden on your HVAC unit. Installing double or triple-paned power windows trap the air within their chambers and don’t let it pass through them. This ensures that your home remains comfortably warm or cool without adjusting the temperature too low or too high.

Filling Up the Cracks

Windows aren’t the only place from where air can escape or pass through. Cracks and holes in your walls can also affect the insulation of your home. Getting them identified and filled up can make your home more energy efficient.

Cool Roofs

The main reason behind hot living spaces is the material used in roofs. It can get heated quickly under direct sun and can penetrate the hot temperature into your house. You can use reflective materials in your roof so that they don’t absorb much heat from sunlight. This will make them cooler during hot weather.


For more energy-efficient home remodeling ideas contact Gens Remodeling LLC today. We can give you expert guidance on which material to use during construction and what steps to follow to insulate your home in a better way.

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