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Where to Spend Your Remodeling Money

If you have some extra cash and are thinking of remodeling your home, you may be wondering where to spend the money. If you had an unlimited budget, you could easily do the entire house. However, if you want to spend your money where it will have the biggest impact and where it will have the largest pay off, the following information is for you.


The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in the house. When buyers are looking for a home, they often seek out one with an updated kitchen. A kitchen remodel gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Whether you have a small budget or large, there is plenty that you can do to update and spruce up the space.

  • New counters are a must if your counters are old, outdated, or damaged. Natural stone such as granite, or marble is a popular choice. Quartz is another high-end material that is sought-after. Choose one of these materials and make new countertops a priority.

  • Cabinets are another area worth spending money on, however, they can get pricey. If you're on a limited budget, have your existing cabinets refaced. If even that is too costly, a fresh coat of paint does wonders. Add some new, updated hardware and you'll have a fresh, new look at a fraction of the cost of replacing the cabinets.

  • Flooring. There are flooring options for all budgets. You can opt for the best material that you can afford. The new flooring options are durable, easy to care for and look wonderful.


A bathroom remodel is another thing that buyers look for. If your bath is old and outdated, spending money here makes sense. Again, new counters are a great way to spend some of the budget. If you can fit a double vanity into the space, do so. Some homeowners take the bathtub out to have a more luxurious shower. This depends on whether you prefer baths to showers. One word of caution, if you plan to sell soon, it might make sense to remove the tub and put in a soaking tub, and a separate shower.


Drafty, old windows detract from the look and value of your home. Replacement windows add equity to your home, almost immediately. Consider having your old windows replaced. Not only will they look better, but your home will be more energy efficient as well.

The above are the top three ways to spend your remodeling budget. Each one will add instant value to your home. They will also make your home more attractive to buyers, should you decide to sell.

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